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The Sins of the Parents
Episode information
Season 01, Episode 03
Written by: Matt
Episode Plot Written by: Matt
Directed by: Matt
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The Sins of the Parents is the third episode of Season 1 written by Matt and episode number 181 between both series Charmed and Blessed. This is a one-hour timed episode.


For a complete plot of The Sins of the Parents : go here.

SOME EVILS NEVER STAY GONE - An ancient evil from Halliwell's past, is released by three evils who cause treason for two Blessed Ones. But the surprise is that they're only attempting the evil deed of killing the Blessed Ones, so their own desires may be fulfilled by a darker evil. A sudden return of a missed loved one makes heartbreak for Eddie. Pip's trip to detention ends up being great as he meets a boy and accepts an invitation to a good time.

The Script

To read the script for this episode, please go here: here


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Stars


Magical Notes

Book of Shadows


  • To Vanquish the Punisher of the Greedy's Cobra: Created by Pip, in order to get rid of the Cobra before it bit Eddie on the arm.


Magical Beings

The Guardian of the Urn

The Annointed Ones

Powers and Abilities

In order of appearance ~ powers won't be listed twice


  • Egyptian Urn:
  • Crystals:
  • Crystal Cage:
  • Athame:
  • Shannon Smith's Collection of Egyptian Artifacts:
  • Shannon Smith's Wine-Red Cadillac:
  • John Kresington's Wallet:
  • The Guardian's Cobra Shawl:
  • The Guardian's Spider Ring:
  • The Guardian's Scorpion Pin:


San FranciscoCalifornia

Magical Locations


  • Silence - Marshmello ft. Khalid (Opening theme)
  • I Desire - DEVO (Aerial shots of San Francisco)

Notes and Trivia

  • The Guardian of the Urn returns for this episode.
    • The Guardian temporarily changes her name to "The Punisher of the Greedy".
    • Eddie's Psychokinesis is the first 'kinetic' power between Charmed and Blessed, to actually deal some damage to the Guardian. This is only because Pip channeled his own Blessed power to Eddie's, strengthening the latter's active power. In Charmed, Prudence Halliwell used Telekinesis on the Guardian but it had no effect on the latter, this is probably due to Prue having only just received her powers not long before facing the Guardian.
  • Mary-Pat Green reprises her role as Miss Hickock from Charmed, Season 7: Hyde School Reunion, being cast back as the character for the series.
  • Its revealed that Shannon Smith, Beverly Carson's aunt, has a heart tumor and that she was only doing the plan (given to her by her unnamed demon boss) because she wanted health.
  • Pip meets his first love interest this episode, Victor Cross.