When the Charmed Ones relinquished their powers, power can be seen leaving them and the Book.

Powers are magical traits of a magical person. They are a biological part that predominantly resides in the blood. A power can manifest itself in several ways: at birth, on puberty, with anger, fear, etc.

There's not good powers or evil powers. It depends on how they are used. Over centuries

some powers have been associated with good or evil, but only its owner can decide whether he or she wants to use them for good or evil purposes.

Mortals are not meant to have powers sincit can be very dangerous for them. They could become confused, then frightened, paranoid, violent, and demonic, and will ultimately die unless the powers are withdrawn.


The Charmed Ones relinquishing their powers.

Powers can be stolen. This is a common goal for warlocks and Demons. This can be accomplished by using a lethal power, an athame, after which they absorb the powers. Spells and Potions are also a common method to steal powers.

Powers can also be bound, whether the owner wants it or not.


Active Powers


Attacking and vanquishing or killing other beings.


Defending oneself and others from harm or detection.


Powers not usable in battle, but otherwise useful.


Transport oneself and others from one place to another.


Teleportation through space, time or planes.


Passive Powers

Automatic powers that are always in effect and cannot be controlled.

Basic Powers

Notes & Trivia

  • A demon can steal a witch's powers by using an athame.
  • A witch can bind another witch's powers with a spell or potion.
  • The Charmed Ones are the only beings to have a "power-connection" where they can tap into each one another's powers. For example, (with the Charmed Ones) when Paige was unable to speak and had to orb Wyatt to her, away from the Crone, Piper and Phoebe touched her arms and called out for Wyatt; activating Paige's power to telekinetically orb Wyatt to her;
  • When a witch is pregnant, it is important for them to train their powers. As a witch's powers are linked to their emotions and a pregnant woman can be emotional; and end up tapping into the baby's powers.
  • Certain artifacts can contain powers as well, but it is because a spell or charm has been placed upon them. E.g. A power sucking athame can take away a witch's power, because it is cursed.