The following list contains all of the powers in the Blessed universe.

Powers will be added as the series progresses.




  • Calling - The ability to call or summon inanimate objects into one's hand at will.
  • Channeling - The ability to take control of and use the powers of others.
  • Clairvoyance - The ability to gain direct information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the user's physical senses. Users can see the present in a premonition. This comes from the power of Premonition.
  • Cloning - The ability to duplicate oneself.
  • Corporealization - The ability to change from spirit form to a solid physical form.



  • Empathy - The ability to feel others' feelings and channel them, as well as to copy other's powers.
  • Energy Balls - The ability to throw balls of electrically charged energy.
  • Enhanced Intuition - The ability to anticipate or sense danger before it occurs. Most often this ability is developed from psychic powers such as Premonition.
  • Enhanced Senses - The ability to have extremely advanced senses.




  • Healing - The ability to heal injuries and diseases of others, unless that person is evil or has already died.
  • High Resistance - The ability to survive otherwise lethal attacks from physical and magical harm.
  • Hovering - The ability to rise up into the air and hover in one place, with or without the use of orbs.
  • Hypnosis - The ability to put someone in a submissive trance.


  • Immortality - The ability to live forever without aging and be immune to all kind of diseases.
  • Immunity - The ability to be immune to certain or all kinds of powers and/or physical harm.
  • Intuition - Sometimes referred to as the sixth sense, is when someone is highly aware of their surroundings. Usually, a person can sense when something is about to happen, before it does. This can be an extension of Premonition or an ability on its own.
  • Invincibility - Protects the possessor from any physical or magical harm.



  • Levitation - The ability to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity.


  • PiperCombustion

    Molecular Combustion.

    Mediumship - The ability to see and communicate with spirits.
  • Molecular Immobilization - The ability to slow down the movement of molecules, leaving the being or object immobilized.






  • Photokinesis - The ability to produce and manipulate light.
  • Potion Making - The ability to make potions.
  • Power Channeling - The ability to channel the powers of other beings, allowing users to take control of others activated powers and use them for themselves


    Power Replication - The ability to temporarily copy and use the powers of another being.
  • Power of Three - The most powerful of all powers in the magical world, possessed by the Charmed Ones.
  • Premonition - The ability to receive a vision about the future of an object or person with or without touching them or those.
  • Psychokinesis - The ability to move objects that are not in one's line of sight, much stronger than telekinesis.
  • Pyrokinesis - The ability to generate and control fire.


  • Reconstitution - The ability to be reformed again after being vanquished.
  • Regeneration - The ability to magically heal and regenerate bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of injuries. 
  • Remote Beaming - The ability to send and call another person to and from a specific location instead of having to beam with them.
  • Remote Orbing - The ability to send and call another person to and from a specific location instead of having to orb with them.
  • Retrocognition - The ability to see the past in the form of a vision or premonition.


  • Scrying - One of the basic abilities of a witch, the ability to search with a crystal to find a lost object or person.
  • Sense Stealing - The ability to take away someone's else's senses and use it for oneself.
  • Sensing - The ability to sense the location of other people.
  • Sharing Visions - Two psychics can share visions with each other by holding hands, palm to palm. 
  • Soul Absorption - The ability to absorb the souls of the dead.
  • Soul Channeling - The ability to channel a soul to power a spell or another power. It is highly dangerous and can easily destroy the person if not performed precisely.
  • Soul Control - The ability the manipulate the properties of souls.
  • Spell Casting - The ability to cast spells.
  • Summoning - The ability to conjure a being into the user's vicinity.


  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and individuals by using your mind. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands.
  • Anigiforb16

    Telekinetic Orbing.

    Telekinetic Orbing - The ability to teleport objects through the use of orbs. This power is used by Whitelighter-Witches.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear and broadcast the thoughts of oneself and others.
  • Teleportation - The movement of objects or elementary particles from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.
  • Transformation - The ability to manipulate reality and transform organic and non-organic objects according to ones desires.





  • X-Ray Vision - The power to see through different forms of materials.




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