Here you'll find a list of all Characters from Blessed:

Note: This list will be expanded as characters are introduced in the series OR if they're mentioned but not set to appear for awhile.

A -

Airport Intercom Speaker in 1x01

Alexandra van Lewen (mentioned)

Allen Halliwell

Allison Michaels (mentioned)

Alvin Carson

Andy Trudeau

Assistant Nurse in 1x01

Aviva (mentioned)

B -

Ben Hartman

Bethany (best friend of Greta Brewer)

Beverly Carson

Bill Reynolds

Brianna Halliwell

Brittany Reynolds

C -

Carolyn Seldon (mentioned)

Chris Halliwell

Clay Muniz

Cole Turner (flashback)

Colton (Kennedy Elementary student)

Colvin Turner-Gordon

Coop Halliwell


D -

Dan Gordon (flashback)

Dark Priest in 1x03 (flashback)

Darryl Morris (flashback)

Dave (owner of Dave's MiniMart)

Demon in 1x03


Doctor in 1x01

Dreyl (low-level demon)

E -

Eddie Kresington


F -

Freshman in 1x03

G -

Georgie Reynolds

Greta Brewer


Guardian of the Urn/Punisher of the Greedy

H -

Heida (low-level demon)

Henry Benson

Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell Junior

I -

J -

Janor (Grimlock)

Jenny Gordon (flashback)

John Kresington

Jordin Sparks (guest star; P3 performer)

Juno (upper-level demon)

K -

Kat Mitchell

Kava (Grimlock)

Kit (flashback)

L -

Leo Wyatt

Lynda Carson

M -

Maggie Murphy (mentioned)

Melinda Halliwell

Mike Hunter

Miss Hickock

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (Jenny Gordon’s parents, mentioned)

N -

O -

P -

P3 Waitress in 1x02

Paige Matthews

Parker Halliwell

Patricia Halliwell

Patrick Hutchinson

Penelope Halliwell

Phoebe Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Pip Muniz-Halliwell

P.J. Halliwell

Prudence Halliwell

Q -

R -

Richie Thompson

S -

The Seer (flashback)

Shannon Smith

Sonia Kresington

The Source of All Evil


Stanley Upright

T -

Tamora Mitchell

Taniyah (a charge of Paige Matthews)

Tanya Parker (mentioned)

The Blessed Ones

The Charmed Ones

The Warren Line

Twice Blessed Child

U -

V -

Victor Cross

Victor Bennett

W -




William Gordon (flashback)


Wyatt Halliwell

Y -

Z -